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These jurisdictions have new/recent MASK MANDATES requiring everyone to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status:

1. Chicago, IL (eff 8/20/2021)
2. Dallas County, TX (eff 8/12/2021)
3. Denton County, TX (eff 8/16/2021)
4. LA County, CA (eff 7/18/2021)
5. Louisiana (eff 8/4/2021 until 9/1/2021 unless modified)
6. Philadelphia, PA (eff 8/12/2021)
7. Cook County, IL (eff 8/23/2021)
8. Shelby County, TN (eff 8/20/2021) (an exception exists for people “engaged in other activities that require removal of a mask, such as cardio activities inside a gym”)
9. Illinois (eff 8/30/2021)
10.Springfield, MA (eff 9/13/2021)
11. South Windsor, CT (eff 8/20/2021)

These jurisdictions require visitors to be vaccinated:

1. City of Los Angeles, CA (eff 11/4/2021) (all visitors 12 years of age and older must show proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with matching ID)

Note: “Fully vaccinated” means two weeks have passed since a person has completed the recommended series of vaccination–usually one or two doses. Once you have visited and shown proof of vaccination and ID, you will not need to provide proof on subsequent visits to a club.

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